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Client Testimonials

You are truely "Our Eyes on Asia"! Since you have been performing inspections in various countries for us. In the past 2 years since we switched to YEOA HK Ltd. because of a number of negative experiances with some of the very large inspection companies.

We need someone we can trust and have an immesdiate feedback if problems are found during the inspection. Michaels team is always very responsive and professional.

Oliver B, Hamburg, Germany

We had to secure the Quality of power coated aluminium parts produced at a supplier in China. These parts where requested for products assembled in a factory from our group headquarters in Switzerland. High quality demand and not enough manpower in our own organization to control each batch delivered to Switzerland.

Your Eyes on Asia acted very quick, created based on our quality requirements the testing and checking files, installed the schedule for control and started within days to pre-inspect the "ready to ship" goods. We made very valuable experience due to the strict quality control - several shipments could be hold and sent for rework before shipping.  

It was the first time for us to work with an external quality inspection company. But the benefit was great and with YEOA HK Ltd. we got an extremely reliable partner. Whenever we will have similar situation - we know where to go again. 




M.G., Eugster Frismag, China / Switzerland

"I would like to thank you and your whole team very much for the perfect service during the last inspection!

Everything was to our highest satisfaction and we are looking forward to do the next inspection for MARK-AD with YEOA again."


Alexander Hirzi, Ried, Austria