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Factory Quality Assessment

What is it?

The Factory & Environment Assessment (FEA) covers the environmental and ethical production conditions. The Pre-Production Check (PPC) the respective production specifications as per client's requirements. This tailor-made, third party assessment can be combined with the Factory Quality Assessment (FQA), were the evaluation of a factory can be made, prior to placing an order, in accordance to the customers needs.


As trade globalisation gains pace, so does the number of countries where goods are manufactured. Monitoring the production process requires on-the-spot presence to evaluate independently, besides production capability and quality, also environmental aspects.


  • Increased confidence that the manufacturer can reliably meet requirements on quality and delivery
  • Reduction of purchasing risk
  • Reduction of risk to co-operate with a supplier, behaving unethical and / or harmful to the environment Independent opinion on your previous research
  • No need for the client to be on-the-spot

Relevant markets

Any company sourcing goods and wanting to independently evaluate the production ecology, working conditions, and management assessment, can ask as per its specific needs and requirements for the YEOA HK Ltd. “Factory Assessment”

We provide 2 service options, basic Audit at regular inspection charges, carried out by one of our QC inspectors, or the extensive Audit carried out by an experienced auditor.



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