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Add: Office 4, 16F Fayuen Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Supplier Instructions / 供应商指示

Please make sure the goods are packed into export cartons, and stored in your production

before our inspector arrives. 



In case there are any changes, or you can’t keep the above mentioned arrangement, please advise us

at least 3 working days in advance (Example:  If an inspection is ordered / cancelled on Monday during office hours, the next available day is the following Friday). Our working times are Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:00PM. (+8GMT)


如果以上商定日期有任何更改, 请提前 3个工作日通知我们公司.我们公司工作时间为:星期一到星期五



Not passing this information within the above mentioned 3 working days, will result in a surcharge of USD

150.00 for your / our customer, indicating the reason of the delay to them.



All changes must be confirmed in writing!



It is our policy to draw some samples from the production / shipment every time we inspect. Please

make sure the samples are made available to the inspector. Without samples for our records, we will

not be able to issue the inspection report. In case the order consists of high value items with a value of

over 50 USD per item, please contact our office for further instructions.






Our inspectors are instructed to inspect under good light and adequate enviroment. Please

ensure the inspection area is accordinggly equipped. Generally we only allow 3 persons in total to asisst our 

inspector. The inspector is requested to halt the inspection if the above conditions are not met.





It is our policy, and all staff are aware of not to accept any bribes, gifts or favours in order to pass a

shipment. In case you have any concerns relating to this matter, please contact our office immediately.




Attempted bribery will result in immediate cancellation of the inspection, and reporting this matter

our Head office.